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Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite  - Cynthia Holloway, Chloe Neill My sister has been a big fan of this series for years. So when I was looking for things to listen to on my commute, and I saw the series, I figured I would give it a try.

We first meet Merit when she is waking up in the back of a limo. She is wearing a black cocktail dress and Jimmy Choos. She feels groggy and tries hard to remember why she is in the limo wearing clothes that aren't hers. The last clear memory she has was of walking across campus one night and being attacked by a rogue vampire. Then someone cradling her and another bite at her neck. When she feels her neck, it is smooth and shred free.

Merit is taken home to the brownstone she lives in with her best friend and roommate Mallory. Merit has been gone for three days, during which she has been "changed". Mallory was so worried that she ended up calling Merit's parents to let them know. Merit and her father, Joshua Merit, rarely see eye to eye and Merit plays the black sheep of the family. She is however, extremely close to her grandfather, Chuck Merit. He was a cop with the Chicago Police Department for over 30 years before retiring. While she isn't worried overly what her parents will think of the change, Merit is very worried about telling her grandfather. With sarcastic Mallory at her side, Merit will have to learn the ropes of being a Vampire and come to turns with being turned without her consent, even it it saved her life.

I really enjoyed this book. Cynthia Holloway did a fantastic job of narrating this and bring the voices of Merit, Mallory, Ethan, and assorted others to life. Merit has to learn to accept the changes that have taken place in her life and accept that sometimes your life doesn't always follow the path you thought it would. The by play between Merit and Mallory was fun to listen to. We should all have a best friend like Mallory in our life. I think this was a great start to a series and gave it 4 stars.