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You and I, Me and You

You and I, Me and You - MaryJanice Davidson This was the third book in the Cadence Jones trilogy by MaryJanice Davidson. I have Ms. Davidson pretty much on auto read, so this book was a given. The first book in the trilogy, Me, Myself and Why? came out to very mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it. I found the second book, Yours, Mine and Ours not quite as good as the first, but sometimes that happens. This book however, really brought it all together and ended it on a good, if surprising, note.

This is the story is of Cadence Jones and her two "sisters" Shiro and Adrienne. Cadence has multiple personality disorder and has since she was a child who witnessed her parents murder/suicide. Cadence is also a member of a secret FBI group called BOFFO or Bureau of False Flags Ops division. All of the members of BOFFO have some kind of mental illness, from her partner George who is a clinical sociopath, to a member of the crime scene team with kleptomania, and the office secretary who is agoraphobic. They all work together to fight crime, looking at things through a slightly skewed lens to track down killers.

Cadence, Shiro and Adrienne all know about each other and see each other as separate individuals who just happen to live in the same body. Cadence is the tall, blonde, blue-eyed Scandinavian decent primary personality, Shiro is a small logical, dangerous Asian woman and Adrienne is the red haired, fire starting wild child. Adrienne's appearances are sporadic and erratic. While on the other hand, Shiro and Cadence were the more dominant personalities with some differences. Shiro could look through Cadence's eyes and know what was going on, but Cadence could not. Cadence would then come back not knowing the date, time or even geographic location of where she was.

This book is the one that brings out all the secrets, lies and brings the sisters the closest to reintegration that they have ever been. I know that the reviews for the previous two books have been very diverse, but if you have read the first one, or the first and second, you must read this one. It completely flips everything we thought we knew on its head and changes the rules. I was very impressed how Ms. Davidson pulled it all together and made it make sense. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads for shocking me with the outcome.