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Sex and the Single Fireman

Sex and the Single Fireman - Jennifer Bernard This is the third book in the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series by Jennifer Bernard. This story follows one of the two women firefighters on the force, Sabina Jones or Two as the firemen call her. This story starts during Thanksgiving, with Sabina going to Reno, as is her usual Thanksgiving tradition. On the way there, she encounters Rick "Rock" Roman. First by trading insults in their cars, as he is trying to speak on the phone, and she is busy blaring rock music. And next when they end up seated together at dinner. They nearly have a one night stand, but Sabina comes to her senses at the last minute and walks away. Next they meet when he is introduced as Battalion Chief, Section Commander in charge of Training Section and Sabina is in line up. The sparks being to fly as they each fight their attraction to each other.

Battalion Chief Roman is very tough and by the book. He moved to California to support his son, Luke by letting him play year round baseball. There are also some tough memories for him in New York, as his wife and fellow firefighter was killed on 9/11 in the tower collapse. At first the guys at San Gabriel firehouse dislike Roman. Even when Chief Brody stops by to give Roman a talk, Roman blows him off. If it weren't for the interactions with Luke, I probably would have really dislike Roman to begin with. It doesn't help that that Chief Renteria is constantly on Roman about making sure that there is no media about the Bachelor Curse. Needless to say, when Sabina's secret gets out, the media circus begins and leaves Roman fighting a losing battle.

Sabina had some major issues and secrets in this book. We find out that she is actually a former child star of a very popular tv series and has done everything in her power to stay hidden from the press. It helps (and hurts) that her and her movie star mother have been estranged for the past 13 years. But all that ends, when her mother shows up at the firehouse pitching a reunion show.

There were many, many issues for these two to over come on their way to a happily ever after. The theme of forgiveness and acceptance continues to play a large part in the series. This book focused much more on the San Gabriel Bachelor Curse than the previous book. There were some cameo appearances from Captain Brody and Melissa and Ryan and Katie, but the crew of the firehouse were front and center in this book. I really enjoy the guys and can't wait to find out which one's story is next.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. The author took would could have been a very big cliche with the "former child star", and kept it about real life issues. Like parent/child communication and expectations.