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Frost Burned

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs This is the 7th book in the Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs. There is another connected series called Alpha & Omega that last year released the third book in the series, Fair Game, and the events of this book are connected and related to the outcome of that book. If you are reading both series, do not read this book until you have read Fair Game. I will try very hard not to give spoilers for this world, just be aware that something may slip out.

This book opens with Mercy and Jesse, her husband's daughter, doing the Black Friday midnight sales together. Mercy and Jesse are slowly working on a new dynamic to their relationship since Mercy and Adam's marriage. But things never seem to run smoothly for too long for this coyote. Mercy has a mild fender bender, most probably caused by a massive twang in her and Adam's mate bond, when he and the other wolves in his pack are forcibly kidnapped and taken hostage. With a cryptic text from Bran, the Marok - Head of all North American werewolves, to disable her cell phone and go silent, Mercy is left with few options, but a burning need to rescue Adam.

This was an amazing book. The first three quarters were all about the kidnapping of Adam's pack and the steps that Mercy went to to keep Jesse safe and get Adam back. The last quarter turned everything on it's head and threw the action into overdrive. I was so into it, I finished in one sitting, staying up way to late into the night to finish it. A couple of days later, I had to reread it. It played on my mind that much. Just an excellent addition to the series. I am sure this book will make its way back onto my reading list at least twice more before the next book from Ms. Briggs comes out. I went 5 stars on Goodreads. Just that fantastic!