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Sweet Misbehavin' (The McKenna Clan Series Book 3)

Sweet Misbehavin' (The McKenna Clan Series Book 3) - Christine Young Sweet Misbehavin' by Christine Young I wasn't sure when I started this book if I was going to end up liking it. We have a playboy who is in town to party and have a good time. He meets a woman who is an escort, buys her time from her john and monopolizes her time. The woman was a wishy-washy doormat at first, and I wasn't impressed with her. But I kept reading, wondering just what would happen next and where the author was going. 
As it turned out, Carr wasn't really the playboy he was pretending to be, and he truly wanted Margo to grow into a strong stable woman. Yes, Carr bought and paid for Margo's time, but it was so that he could get to know his mate and have her get to know him. As the two of them became stronger together, Carr and Margo will have find a way to defeat the demon stalking her or die trying.This was such a big story to be crammed into 55k words. There were times that I wish some scenes had been fleshed out a bit more or expanded upon. But over all I enjoyed the story. I liked the growth that I saw in the characters, and though there was some abusive situations, it was handled very delicately. I gave this book 3 stars.