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Necessary Force

Necessary Force - D.D. Ayres When I saw this cover on Netgalley, I couldn't resist it. Totally due to that hot blonde on the cover, you know the one giving you that soulful stare. When I saw it was about a K-9 unit, I had to request it. I have been a fan of K-9 teams since Tom Hanks and James Belushi were upstaged by their 4 legged companions. An though I wish that the dog, Zander had a larger part in the book, I can understand it is a novella and therefore his role was limited.

This book opened with Georgia Flynn, up and coming photojournalist, waking up after a night of mutual seduction with a man whom she believes is a K-9 officer with the fire department. Georgie had gone to do a charity shoot for a friend. All day long Georgie had been taking pictures of hard bodied men and their K-9 companions and been able to be professional. That is until Philip Dexter arrived; then she nearly lost her composure. When he talked her into dinner and she invited him home, she figured that would be the end of it since they were both incredibly busy people, both concentrating fiercely on their careers. That is until two months later when Georgie came home to find her house broken into and items missing. It wasn't long before the FBI showed up and insisted on bringing in a bomb sniffing unit to check her apartment that she realizes that Philip wasn't exactly who he said he was. Instead she is introduced to Brad Lawson, and that's when her life begins to flip upside down.

This was a decent novella and introduction to a new series. Two characters who have mutual attraction and former relationship, put into a stressful situation that speeds their connection and trust of one another. Overcoming their rocky start and working around the professional parameters set by him being FBI and her official protector. I do wish that Zander had a larger role, but there is only so much that can be done in a novella. I look forward to reading the next full length book, Irresistible Force, in the series. I gave this 3 stars.