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Death in Perspective (A Cherry Tucker Mystery, #4)

Death in Perspective (A Cherry Tucker Mystery, #4) - Larissa Reinhart I have been a huge fan of the Cherry Tucker Mystery series since I reviewed the first book, Portrait of a Dead Guy. Cherry reminds me greatly of the kinds of girls that I grew up with - sassy, stubborn and southern. Since this is the 4th full length novel, I had high expectations when I saw it was available on Netgalley. Thank goodness, Larissa Reinhart didn't let me down.

The story picks up shortly after the ending of book 3, Hijack in Abstract. Cherry and her on again, off again boyfriend Luke are still on the outs. Todd, her best friend and ex husband, is still her roommate. Cherry's brother Cody isn't speaking to her after stealing photos of their mom from Cherry's arch-nemesis Shawna Branson, who is also Luke's cousin. Cherry's sister Casey has married Nik, the Russian immigrant and they are staying with the mysterious Max the Bear and taking care of him after he injured his knee. Confused? Well start at book 1 and get caught up!

The story of this book revolves around Cherry doing the sets for a high school musical version of Romeo and Juliet. But this isn't just any high school - its Peerless Academy and has spawned several Disney stars and other big names in the entertainment industry. The drama director is after the coveted "Tiny Tony" and won't let some blackmail keep him from it. Which is why he hired Cherry. He had heard of her ability to ferret out the truth and wants her to catch the culprit who is trying to blackmail him.

Like previous books, Cherry's curious and inquisitive nature keep getting her caught up in all kinds of drama. However, unlike the previous books, this one didn't really revolve around people that were close to Cherry. We got some great new characters as well as getting Cherry a bit out of her comfort zone. So far the mystery surrounding her mother is still unresolved, but it's possible we may have a new piece to the puzzle. I can't wait to see where we go with the next book. This was a 5 star read.