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Golem in My Glovebox (A Monster Haven Story)

Golem in My Glovebox (A Monster Haven Story) - R.L. Naquin I was introduced to the Monster Haven books on another blog a couple of years ago. I loved the look of the covers and the idea behind the books. When I won a copy of the first book, I was thrilled, but put off reading it. I continued to oooh and ahhh over each new book cover and add them to my TBR pile. I even introduced them to my sister and she read hers, while mine sat, still unread. That changed though when I saw that Golem in My Glovebox was on Netgalley. Getting this book was the perfect reason to finally read the series. So glad I did.

After the downfall of The Collector (Fairies in My Fireplace), the Aegis were stolen away before they could be freed from their bonds. Zoey was left with a quickly penned childish dare, no closer to having a true reunion with her mother. Now as the only Aeigs left, it becomes Zoey's responsibility to protect not only the Hidden from humans, but also the humans from the Hidden. Zoey is dragged across the country, stumbling from one crisis to another trying to keep the Hidden where they belong - Hidden.

While Zoey and Riley are out trying to get the O.G.R.E.S. re-established, the kidnapper begins communicating with Zoey. They want to play a game of deadly hide and seek. They are hiding the Aegis and it is up to Zoey to find them before they end up dead. Unfortunately between trying to make sure that monsters and creatures of legend aren't discovered by humans while trying to solve the macabre clues that keep ending in the deaths more and more Aegis, Zoey is not having a good time. Basically - Worst Road Trip, Ever.

Zoey is such a great character. She is nurturing and caring to her friends and family, while having this offbeat, slightly kookie vibe. She is totally, completely herself and nearly all the time, she is completely happy just the way she is. This book shakes up that belief in herself just a bit and I think that Zoey comes out stronger on the other side because of it. Zoey is still learning what she is capable of with her empathy and Aegis powers, and without anyone to tell her she can't do something or shouldn't try something, she makes up her own rules as she goes along.

I enjoyed this book, though I missed many of the regulars from the previous books. The author took us on plenty of twists and turns throughout the story, many of which I never saw coming. I was kept glued in and couldn't put the book down for much of the read. The story arc isn't done, so I am looking forward to the next story and seeing where the author is going to take Zoey next. I gave this book 4 stars.