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Cinderella's Guardian

Cinderella's Guardian - Khloe Wren I first became aware of Khloe Wren while reviewing the first book in this series: Her Guardian Angel. The series is about an Australian snow leopard shifter leap, and their mates. This has an interesting and original origin store involving Buddhist monks and Haley's Comet.

This is the story of the younger brother Conner White. Unlike his older brother Dominic, Conner was lucky enough to meet his mate days before her 21st birthday. So when he finally dreamed her face, he knew exactly where to go looking for her. However, Connor has his work cut out for him. Tina has recently come to stay at her father's house after being severely injured while trying to land a spot on the Olympic Gymnastics Team. To make things even worse, Tina's mother basically dropped out of her life with the injury and since her father works the oil rigs, he had to hire a near stranger to look out for her. A stranger who is keeping Tina locked up and practically a prisoner. Tina wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind to jump into a fated match.

My biggest complaint about the book is how Conner calls Tina baby doll all the time. It grated a bit on my nerves, but that was just a personal thing. Tina appeared to love his pet name for her. There were multiple matches made during the book, though the main focus was on Conner and Tina. I enjoyed the book and will be on the look out for book 3 and see where Ms. Wren goes with the story. The overall plot arc has plenty of room for it to go in several directions. While this book didn't have the intensity of book one, overall it was a good story. I just didn't connect very well with Tina and Conner. But that could be me. *shrugs* I gave this 3 stars.