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Survive to Dawn (London Undead)

Survive to Dawn (London Undead) - PJ Schnyder This is the final book in the London Undead Trilogy, and I kept a sharp eye out for it on Netgalley. The first two books, Bite Me and Sing for the Dead, were both very good reads. I never imagined that I would be so excited to read a zombie book, and yet here I am - thrilled with the final installment.

This book centers around Danny, the pack medic introduced in the first book, and Deanna, an American researcher who has arrived to study the zombies. Danny tries to warn the Americans about the limitations and restrictions of traveling around London, but they head off positive that they can handle the situation. Unfortunately they pay for that arrogance with their lives. The only person who manages to survive is Deanna, due to a combination of a personal protection charm and her Danny's timely arrival.

Deanna talks Danny into helping her find hidden information left behind by her Deanna's twin sister, right before the outbreak. Deanna is sure that this information will give her a clue as to what happened to her twin. She knows her sister is dead but not from a zombie attack. As the two make their way around London, Danny helps Deanna figure out what happened to her sister.

The couples from the first two book make a cameo appearance, but this book is centered on Danny and Deanna. They made an interesting couple and I really enjoyed reading about them. I wasn't expecting the ending, and I love when an author can surprise me like that. This was a great ending to this exciting trilogy. I am giving it 5 stars and adding the author to my Must Read list.