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Last Diner Standing

Last Diner Standing - Terri L. Austin This is the second book in the Rose Strickland Mystery series by Terri L. Austin. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was excited about reading more about Rose and her friends. This book begins approximately 6 weeks after the conclusion of book 1.

The story opens with Rose receiving that ominous 3 am phone call. Janelle, Rose's friend and college study partner is calling from jail. Janelle was arrested for the assault and attempted murder of her ex-husband, not so affectionately known as Asshat. It turns out that Asshat had come into some serious cash that he was flashing about, so Janelle went over to his place to demand some for his kids. They got into a hugely vocal fight that was witnessed by most of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, someone hit him upside the head, leaving Janelle to take the fall.

A strange twist comes into play with Sullivan, Rose's romantic interest and crime lord. We got to see a whole other side to Sullivan and I must admit that I enjoyed it immensely. Where in the first book, I wasn't sure about him, not I am totally rooting for him.

And if that isn't all. Ma has decided that since Rudy of Rudy's Roundup Restaurant is going to serve breakfast, she will just have to start serving lunch. In Ma's words, "Rudy Jorgenson is going down, girls. And I’m the one who’s sending him there." This just means that in between trying to clear Janelle's name, find out where Asshat got the money, figure out how Sullivan is connected, she is also dealing with the craziness of Ma and her plans for lunch domination.

This was a fantastic read. All the people surrounding Rose are these bright, vivid, unforgettable characters. But was more important is Rose's relationship with them. You can tell that Rose is a true friend and has sincerely and lasting loyalty to the people she surrounds herself with. This is another 4 star book in the series.