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Penalty Clause

Penalty Clause - Lori Ryan This is the second book in the Sutton Capital Series by Lori Ryan and focuses on Andrew Weston, CFO of Sutton Capital and best friend to Jack Sutton from Legal Ease. We really didn't get to know much about Andrew in book 1. Andrew is a bit more of a complicated character than Jack was, due to his past and he has some real issues to be resolved. In that regard him and Jill are a good fit, since they both have been hurt romantically in the past and are much more guarded about falling in love.

The book begins with Jill packing to move from the house her and her ex-husband, Jake had shared. Jill is planing on moving down to New Haven to the house her grandparents own until she figures out what she wants to do. Jake shows up, causing Jill all kinds of emotional turmoil. Although Jake had left Jill for his mistress and married said mistress, Jake keeps coming around and gets upset when Jill asks him to leave. Jake doesn't seem to understand why Jill doesn't want to lean or depend on him. This leave Jill wanting a fresh start somewhere else.

We meet up with Andrew as he is on his way into the office. He is going through his normal morning routing of getting something to eat and flirting with the ladies in the office when his uber-efficient assistant Debbie. Debbie tells him that his grandmother, Nora has fallen on some ice and broke her hip. Since his grandmother is his only acknowledged family, Andrew rushes for the hospital. Andrew moves into the carriage house at his grandmother's while she is rehabilitating at home. It is about a week after coming to stay with Nora that he learns that Jill, the girl he had a crush on during childhood, has moved into her grandmother's place next door.

This book was even better than the first one. The characters had a depth and complexity that was missing from the first book. There wasn't a surprise twist in this one, but there was still plenty of suspense as the author built to the book's climax. I really enjoyed the book and could barely put it down. I even shed a few tears at a particularly emotional scene involving Rev, Jill's dog. This book earned every one of it's 4 stars on Goodreads.