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Social Insecurity

Social Insecurity - Kate Eileen Shannon This is the first book in the Brigid Kildare Mystery Series, or I should say Serial. There were basically two POVs in this story, Brigid's and Earl's. Brigid is a high energy miniature dynamo. If she wasn't genuinely a caring person, she would be a tyrant. She even has the nickname of The Dictator. Earl on the other hand is a very down to earth, laid back detective. His logic and level headedness works as a great counterpoint to Brigid's intuition and emotion.

The story begins with Brigid and Earl meeting. Earl is one of the detective's of her Police Chief father and has recently moved into the small compound she owns. As it turns out there is cute back story to them that they knew each other in kindergarten and became inseparable until her mother moved her away for First grade. Earl's grandmother called them Blondie and Dagwood. It is now 25 years later and the two are becoming reacquainted. There is plenty of chemistry between the two, but the books does stay very much PG.

Brigid gets Earl to look into a situation where 4 of her "old ladies" have disappeared through what she feels is mysterious circumstances. Brigid's father and another detective from the force haven't taken her seriously and basically patted her on the head. Brigid manages to get Earl to put a fresh set of eyes on the case and really take a look. As it turns out, she was on to something. Something has happened to the older ladies that Brigid had taken under her wing. Using her intuition and luck and Earl's logic and know how, they will work together to find out what happened before someone else goes missing.

I liked this book. There was a lot of great dialogue and their histories and back story came out in a very natural way, as they got to know each other and start dating. My only concern was that there weren't transition markers for where time passed and it made it slightly confusing. For example, they were discussing getting on the road and in the next paragraph they have been traveling for about 30 minutes. It took me a minute to figure out where we were. Other than that and some early on fears about Mary Sue-isms, that were quickly dispelled, I really enjoyed the book. It kept me entertained and I actually read the entire thing in one sitting. Since I can't remember if the ebook I got was an ARC or not, I am not going to figure any technical issues into my review and go with 4 stars on Goodreads.