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The Final Arrangement: A Cozy Flower Shop Mystery (The Flower Shop Mystery Series) (Volume 1)

The Final Arrangement: A Cozy Flower Shop Mystery (The Flower Shop Mystery Series) (Volume 1) - Annie Adams This is the first book in The Flower Shop Mystery series by Annie Adams. We meet our main character, Quinella "Quincy" McKay as she is opening her flower shop, Rosie's Posies that she has taken over from her aunt. Right off the bat we are introduced to a fascinating and multi-faceted group of characters.

Quincy finds out that one of her biggest competitors, Derrick nicknamed the Vulture, had been murdered. Not only that, that he was laid out in a casket with a flower spray in her style using her unique ribbon. Since Quincy and Derrick had been caught on tape the evening before at the mortuary having an argument. Next thing Quincy knows her delivery driver is complaining of being side swiped by 2 guys in a red truck, her sister gets beat up by her boyfriend and someone sets a bag of dog poo aflame on Quincy's porch. Life sure did get interesting very quickly for Quincy.

One of the themes of this book was domestic abuse. Quincy had escaped from it in her previous marriage and her sister Allie is currently in an abusive relationship. Several other incidents of it crop up here and there during the book. This really touched a nerve for me personally. Firstly, because I witnessed it first hand during my parents marriage and then with my sister's first marriage. I think Ms. Adams handled it very well in a truthful style that didn't hide the atrocity of it, but didn't over sell it either.

Another theme covered was hypocrisy. Hypocrisy concerning religion, substance abuse, sexual orientation and politics. Ms. Adams did a very good job of portraying this hypocrisy in many ways. From the sly wink, wink, nudges to the outright blatant. It really helps to draw a picture of how no matter what something looks like on the surface, you never really know what is going on deeper in a person or community.

When I first started reading Final Arrangement, there were moments that disturbed me, but I was drawn into the story and really needed to find out how things would turn out. Nice job. I am giving this book 3 stars on Goodreads.