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A Charming Wish

A Charming Wish - Tonya Kappes This is the third book in the Magical Cures mystery series by Tonya Kappes. This story takes place about 1 year after the end of book 2, A Charming Cure. Life is pretty good for June Heal. Oscar Parks, the Sheriff of Whispering Falls and her best friend since childhood, is now officially acknowledged as her boyfriend and her shop A Charming Cure is doing very well. June has managed to become a full fledged member of the Whispering Falls community. But all that is about to change.

With a dire prediction about a storm brewing, June decides to make up a protection potion. Unfortunately, it is a level 28 spell, and though June has gone to Hidden Hall, the Spiritualist University for Intuition training, this level spell was not covered in her basic training. June presses on and when it comes time to select a bottle for her potion, finds that the bottle her Native American smudge grass supplier had left behind with his last delivery is the one wanting to be used. But when June opens the bottle, she gets quite a surprise to see a genie appear.

June's well ordered life starts to flip upside down. First by being unexpectedly promoted to Village President and then almost immediately being put on suspense and her shop closed due to suspicion of murder. Next, accused of robberies and finally, losing Oscar due to a magical contract misunderstanding. June must focus on her Intuition, her fairy god-cat Mr. Prince Charming and figuring out just who exactly is trying to frame her. All while trying not to be caught with an illegal in Whispering Falls genie.

This was a great book and I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads. June stumbles from one situation to another, trying to do her best to do the right thing, but clearly needing more training. Even though she has been in Whispering Falls for a while now, and is quickly learning the Spiritual and Magical ropes, having grown up in the mundane world still put quite the stamp on her responses. And can cause quite the stir in the Spiritual community. If you enjoy a campy, fun filled book, this series is a must read.

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