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Review: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Sandy James

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Sandy James

Last week I gave a 5 star review to the first book in the Ladies Who Lunch Series, The Bottom Line. Signed, Sealed, Delivered is the second book in the story and focuses on Juliana, a special ed teacher and one of the women in the group. Juliana was a very active character in The Bottom Line, being especially close to Mallory as they were closer in age.  


The book begins with Juliana contemplating a career change. Juliana has been a special education teacher at the high school the group work at for over 10 years and has become burnt out. For years her Uncle has told her that she is natural salesman and that she should come work for him selling houses. So when a fellow teacher and house renovator mentions to Jules that he is thinking about attending a seminar on becoming a Realtor to maximize his profits on the houses he flip, she decides to check it out as well. The seminar is a bust, but while she is there she meets Connor Wilson. 


Connor is struggling to turn his life around and come back from the losing everything - his friends, his job, and his self-respect.  His best friend has given him some critical information to assist him in making a comeback, in real estate anyway. Once meeting Jules, he quickly realizes that she is the missing element in completely rebuilding his life.  But Connor is going to have to be completely honest with Jules or wind up losing everything, again.


Jules was a fiery, smart, protective woman. We saw it in The Bottom Line, and we continue to see it in this book. It was beautiful to see her friends giving love and affirmation when she needed it most.  Connor was a bit of a shocker, I'm going to be honest and state that I didn't actually read the blurb, so when his problem came out I was just as surprised as Jules. They both had some former baggage to resolve, and both fell into the trap of not being honest in their communication. As this was a romance, we knew the HEA would happen, but the twists and turns getting there were top notch.


After reading this, I see many similarities in structure to the Alliance of the Amazon series.  (And I like it!) Two pairs of women, who complement and complete each other, who work together and make each other better for their friendship. If the next two books go in a similar manner as the other, I am anticipating a powerful and emotional ending. Another 5 star read for Ms. James.

Source: http://judy-ree.blogspot.com/2014/07/review-signed-sealed-delivered-by-sandy.html