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Review: The Truth About Leo by Katie MacAlister


Truth About Leo

Noble, #4
Katie MacAlister

Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date of Publication: August 5, 2014
Number of pages: 384
Cover Artist: Alan Ayers



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Can Dagmar flee Denmark

Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty-stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about to have her stuffed away in a convent. When she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden, she sees a way out of her desperate situation.

By Lying to Leo?

Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of March, and spy in the service of the king, finds himself on the wrong end of a saber and left for dead. He wakes up not remembering what happened...in the care of a beautiful woman who says she is his wife.

Back in London, Leo-with the help of his old friends the eccentric Britton family-sets out to unravel what he's forgotten... Is Dagmar truly the wonderful, irrepressible woman who makes his heart sing, or is she a dangerous enigma bent on his destruction?

Many years ago, my sister discovered an author who had just started a great new romantic vampire series, not something very mainstream at the time. However, I fell in love with the writing style, and promptly starting looking for everything I could get my hands on by the author. Included were a couple of stand alone contemporary stories and a regency series. My sister is a HUGE historical romance fan, me not so much. However, it didn't take much nagging for me to give them a try.

They were wonderful. I couldn't believe how funny they were against others of that genre that I had read. I was disappointed when the series never went any further that book 3, The Trouble with Harry. Which was my abso-favorite of the series, and one that up until very recently still resided on my keeper shelf. (Another sister stole it. I can't prove it, but I know!)  Needless to say, when I saw this book while skimming through Netgalley, I couldn't believe it. Finally, another book after 10 years?! I felt incredibly lucky to be given a chance at an early read. If you haven't read the first 3 books, it really isn't necessary. The other couples make appearances, but years and years have past and their stories aren't crucial to the story line for this book.

We are first introduced to Leo as he is rescuing a young girls cat from a tree. He has recently been on a spy mission in Russia and is making a brief stop in Denmark before moving on. Leo ends up passed out in Dagmar's back yard with a saber wound after escaping 2 soldiers trying to detain him after his horse ran off and left him stranded following a confrontation with said cat.

At first Dagmar, thinks Leo is passed out drunk, and instructs her companion to just leave him be. It's not until a less than helpful meeting with her crown prince cousin and the admiral for the British navel fleet convince her that drastic measure must be taken if she is to escape life in a french convent. To get passage to England, she must be married to a British officer. Leo's feverish ramblings convince her he is an Army Officer and gains her the leverage needed to get out of Denmark, hauling a near death Leo with her. It's not till weeks later, when his fever finally breaks and he is well on his way back to England that he finds out he is married... to a princess.

Dagmar is half English, half German, all pushy female. I absolutely adored how she just went around doing what she wanted and making up the rules to suit her needs. She never maneuvers maliciously, after all that's not princess-ly behavior. But in the end, she confounds, confuddles and confuses people into doing it her way. She was a unique character and her interacts with Leo were witty and wonderful. I enjoyed their story and getting to see what was up with the other couples.  I gave this 3 stars.

Source: http://judy-ree.blogspot.com/2014/08/review-truth-about-leo-by-katie.html