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Quote-Tastic: You're a werewolf

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!
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Sleeping with the Wolf by Maddy Barone

“Uh-huh.” Carla eyed him doubtfully. “So what’s my name supposed to be now? Carla Wolfe?”

“That’s what the people in town will call you. But we’ll call you Lupa.” Taye stood and began piling their empty plates on the tray. He carried it over to the door and put it in the hall outside. He closed the door and leaned on it, staring at her with his dark eyes shimmering like a cat’s in the dim lamp light. “I need to tell you some things. It will sound crazy, but I’m telling the truth. I’m a wolf. I’m the Alpha wolf of this Pack, and of the forty-eight boys in the pack, thirty-two others are wolves too.”

“Uh, okay. They’re your brothers and cousins? Taye Wolfe and his Wolfe Pack. Ha-ha. Cute. Sounds like a band from the ’60s.”

“Brothers in fur, and some of them are cousins by blood. Wolf-born we call it.

Carla—” It was the first time he had used her name, and it jolted her as much as his serious tone. “—I don’t want any secrets between us, ever. I don’t want us to be fighting because we don’t take the time to talk about things. I’m a wolf. And I’m not talking about my family name. Most of the time I’m a man, but sometimes I’m a wolf.” He searched her face anxiously, then sighed sadly. “You don’t understand a word I’m trying to tell you.”

Carla carefully brushed some bread crumbs off the arm of the chair, avoiding looking at him because she was wondering if he were a little touched. “Actually, no.”

“I guess I’ll have to show you. Remember, I’m your mate. I’ll never hurt you.”

He raised his arms and took a step forward. Carla frowned and blinked. His arms slimmed, turned hairy gray and hit the floor, his nails tapping against the bare wood.

What? Where did—? Carla leapt out of the chair, gaping at the big gray dog standing by the door. No, not a dog. A wolf! Taye was a werewolf! She scrambled back, slamming painfully into the wall. The big wolf—he must outweigh her by a couple hundred pounds!—walked slowly toward her, one large paw at a time. He nudged his nose under her hand and flipped it over his head, just like the farm dog back home, wanting his ears scratched. Her legs gave out and she slid against the wall to the floor. The wolf laid his muzzle on her shoulder, nuzzling her neck through her hair. Her terror subsided slightly when she caught his scent. It really was Taye. He’d kept talking about the Pack, and mates, and … Oh, God. This is what Ray had meant when he called Taye’s Pack ‘those wolves.’

“Oh, my God,” she whispered. “It’s you. You’re…” Her hand shook when she reached to pet the huge head lying heavy on her shoulder. The warmth of his thick gray fur bled into her when he leaned his body against her. “You’re a werewolf.”

I don't remember when or where I first saw this book, but it sounded intriguing so when I saw it again, I grabbed a copy. It completely exceeded my expectations. It was so good, I quickly requested the next several books as well. This is very much a cross between Post Apocalyptic and Paranormal Romance with a touch of Urban Fantasy mixed in; but the basics boil down to the courtship and romance between Carla and Taye. He knows that she is his mate, but she needs some convincing to understand this new world she has found herself in and where she fits now that everything she knew is gone. There were so many questions in my mind about what happened and how it came to be, that I immediately dived into book 2, Wolf's Glory to find out more.

This is not the future Carla had dreamed of. A plane crash has landed her more than fifty years in the future! Fifty years after Armageddon. Civilization destroyed. Technology gone. Raging plagues. A world she doesn’t understand and where she has no place. Now she finds herself the prize in a battle where the winner takes her as his bride. This is definitely not the future Carla had planned!

Rising country music star Carla boards a plane in the year 2014. But it crashes in the future, fifty years after Armageddon has destroyed technology and plagues have reduced the female population to a precious few. She finds herself offered as prize in a Bride Fight, where only the strongest and fiercest men are allowed to compete to win a wife. Alpha werewolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. He wins the Bride Fight and takes her to his den, ready to give her everything, even his heart. Will Carla ever be ready to give him anything?

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